Generate a customer statement only with open entries

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Users, automatically Sep 19, 2023 Oct 2, 2023

Business value

Businesses send customer statements to customers in various formats and to serve various purposes. We've added a new option to the Customer Statement report that can clarify what customers owe you.

Feature details

If you open the Customer Statement report from the Customers list or the role explorer, you'll find a Style field on the request page. The field offers two options:

  • Balance: Get an overview of outstanding amounts.
  • Open Items: If you choose this option, the report will:
    • Only show open entries within the selected date range.
    • Show a balance for open entries before the start date.
    • Ignore any entries with a posting date that's after the end date.

The new request page for the customer statement report, showing the new style option Open Items

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