More control over general journal approvals

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Business value

Some transactions require more scrutiny by accounting managers and require approval before being posted. Making sure such transactions remain unchanged after approval is of great importance so you can ensure compliance to company policies.

Feature details

When you send a general journal batch or specific general journal lines for approval, Business Central ensures that people can't change them before or after they're approved.

Because mistakes can happen, actionable inline errors make it easier to make corrections. For example, after you request approval for a general journal batch, your accounting manager notices that you've specified the wrong G/L account. Changing the G/L account will show an inline validation error message that offers two actions that can help the accounting manager fix the mistake, or return the general journal batch to the submitter. The accounting manager can document the change they're requesting by choosing Show Comments, or reject the batch by choosing Reject Approval.

Shows actionable inline validation error on General Journal page

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