Receive more items than ordered by using inventory put-away documents


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Business value

When more goods arrive than you ordered and it's cheaper not to return them, or your vendor offers you a discount, you can handle such receipts without having to prepare and perhaps request approval for a new purchase order.

Feature details

When more goods arrive than were ordered, you may want to receive them instead of canceling the receipt. For example, it might be cheaper to keep the excess items in inventory than return them, or your vendor may offer a discount for keeping them. In this release, in addition to purchase orders and warehouse receipts, you can also use inventory put-away documents to handle over-receipts.

Set up over-receipts

Create over-receipt codes to define a percentage by which a received quantity can exceed the ordered quantity. You assign the code on the Item Card or Vendor Card pages for items and vendors.

  1. Choose the lightbulb icon that opens the Tell Me feature, enter Over-Receipt Codes, and then choose the related link.
  2. In the Over-Receipt Tolerance % field, enter the percentage to allow for over-receipts.
  3. To require that someone approves an over-receipt, choose the Approval Required checkbox. You'll need to set up a corresponding approval workflow. Learn more at Create Workflows.

Assign the over-receipt code to an item

  1. Choose the lightbulb icon that opens the Tell Me feature, enter Items, then choose the related link.
  2. Open the Item Card page for the item.
  3. In the Over-Receipt Code field, choose the code that contains the percentage you want to allow for over-receipts.

Over-receive via Inventory Put-away

On inventory put-away lines, use the Over-Receipt Quantity field to record quantities that exceed the order quantity in the Quantity field.

Inventory Put-away

If the increase is within the tolerance specified by the over-receipt code, the Over-Receipt Quantity field updates to show the quantity by which the value in the Quantity field is exceeded.

If the increase is over the tolerance, the over-receipt isn't allowed. Investigate whether another over-receipt code does allow it. Otherwise, only the ordered quantity can be received, and the excess quantity must be handled another way. For example, by returning it to the vendor.

If you set up an approval workflow for over-receipts, you'll need to request approval from the purchase order. You won't be able to post inventory put-away before the purchase order is approved.


Business Central doesn't automatically handle the financial aspects of over-receipts. You must manually handle the financials in agreement with the vendor. For example, the vendor might forward a new or updated invoice.

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