Reporting and data analysis


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In the modern world, data is an invaluable resource, forming the foundation of decision-making and progress across all sectors. Recent advances in AI technology and data analytics tools bring radically new ways for businesses to distill complex information into actionable intelligence, reveal hidden patterns and trends, and find correlations that were previously concealed. The critical insights gained from data analysis empower organizations to optimize their strategies, enhance customer experiences, identify potential risks, gain unprecedented insights into the details of their operations and environments, and innovate in ways that were once inconceivable.

As data continues to fuel innovation and drive transformative advancements, harnessing its potential has become essential for staying competitive and shaping a more efficient and sustainable future for SMBs.

Our reporting strategy revolves around building universal BI and analytics within the Business Central experience. We aim to seamlessly integrate in-context, rich, and immersive BI and analytics content from first and third parties into Business Central. Alongside flexible self-service capabilities, you can effortlessly access and leverage your data for maximum value.