Supporting more countries and regions

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Users, automatically Nov 1, 2023 Dec 1, 2023

Business value

More countries and regions are now supported, bringing Business Central online to 155 countries and regions.

Feature details

We're expanding Business Central to more countries and regions through partner-led localization. Our partners create the relevant localization apps and publish them to AppSource. In combination with the built-in language offerings, we are making Business Central online available to serve customers in 150-plus countries and regions worldwide. In this release, we plan to expand to the following countries and regions:

  • American Samoa
  • Anguilla
  • Aruba
  • Brunei
  • Cape Verde
  • Chad
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Curacao
  • Dominica
  • Eritrea
  • Grenada
  • Guam
  • Guinea
  • Guyana
  • Haiti
  • Micronesia
  • New Caledonia
  • Palau
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Samoa
  • Seychelles
  • Suriname
  • Vanuatu

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