Guide sellers to work simultaneously using multiple sequences

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Users, automatically - Feb 5, 2024 Apr 19, 2024

Business value

As a seller, you work with other sellers on the same account or opportunity, and those sellers follow a different yet coordinated set of actions to win a deal. You need to know which other team members are working on that account or opportunity, the activities they are doing, and the sequences attached to that record. You need to be aware of the changes happening to their accounts.

With this change, you can now assign different sequences to different sellers for a particular record at the same time. You can guide multiple sellers to work together and win a deal. For example, assign one sequence to an account executive and another sequence to a solution architect while they both work on a target account simultaneously. Sales team members can attach a sequence to a record even if they are not the owner of that record, and can easily view details of any sequence.

Feature details

With this enhancement, as a sales manager or the operations team, you can assign multiple sellers to work on different sequences for a particular record at the same time. This will enable sellers to:

  • View team members who are also using sequence on a record.
  • Attach additional sequences to a record that already has sequences attached.
  • View details of a sequence and find a list of completed and upcoming activities.

Sequence panel

Multiple sequences: connect lead to sequence

Multiple sequences: connected sequences

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