Define tooltips on table fields

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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Apr 1, 2024 Apr 2, 2024

Business value

Developers can now define tooltips on the table level. Any page that uses the field will now inherit the tooltip, making reuse much easier in apps and extensions.

Feature details

Prior to this release, a developer who needed a tooltip to appear on a field—for example, shown on a card and also on a list page—would need to duplicate the tooltip in those two page objects.

With this release, developers can just define the tooltip on the table level and all pages that show the field will automatically have the tooltip available. On a page, it's possible to override a tooltip defined on the table level by specifying it at the page level.

The AL Language extension for Visual Studio Code now also comes with code actions that can move tooltips down from a page to the source table underneath.

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