Export, import multiline text with Configuration Packages

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Users, automatically Mar 4, 2024 Apr 5, 2024

Business value

Avoid having to manually export and import multiline text by using an improved configuration packages capability that allows you to do that with efficiency and ease. This feature is especially useful for businesses that deal with large amounts of multiline texts and need to transfer them between different companies or environments.

Feature details

You can now use BLOB type fields, which usually contain multiline text, to import and export data using Configuration Packages.

Simply choose Include Field on the Config. Package Fields page to include fields that contain multiline text, such as the Work Description field, in your package.

Shows configuration package fields page with Work description (BLOB) field included.

Export data by choosing the Export to Excel action in the Config. Package Card page to update it in Excel.

Update your data in Excel, for example, by adding multiline text in the Work Description column.

Shows included Work Description field in exported Excel file.

Back in Business Central, import the updated Excel file by choosing the Import from Excel action on the Config. Package Card page. After you validate the data, import it by choosing the Apply Package action.

After you apply the package, open a sales document that you updated, such as a sales quote, to verify that you imported multiline text to your sales document.

Shows sales quote with multiline work description updated from Configuration Package.


We'd like to thank our community for making this valuable contribution through our BusinessCentralApps open-source repo on GitHub.

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