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Business value

Copilot is the AI-powered work assistant that boosts creativity and improves productivity for small and medium-sized organizations.

Building Power Automate flows without predefined templates can be a mundane and complicated process. With Copilot in Power Automate, this process is much smoother because flows can be built based on just the natural language input from the user.

Feature details

This feature integrates Copilot in Power Automate with Business Central, so that you can start creating automation flows based on natural language. When such flows are opened in Power Automate for further refinement, you can take advantage of the Copilot experience in Power Automate.

Copilot in Power Automate allows open-ended and conversational experiences while authoring flows that use your Business Central data. You can ask questions and get assistance to improve and change those flows. Copilot stays with you in your flow and helps you build, set up, and run an automation on your behalf through a comfortable chat experience. Copilot takes your input and provides either documentation, links, or answers in the Copilot chat pane. But most important, it makes changes to the structure of the flow based on your natural language description.

This feature helps you streamline business processes and improve productivity by shortening the path to automation.


  • This feature will be made available later in 2024 release wave 1 as a production-ready preview for production and sandbox environments based on the English language in the US region.
  • Production-ready previews are subject to supplemental terms of use. For more information, see Supplemental terms of use for Dynamics 365 preview.
  • While in preview, this feature is available in English only. When using other languages, users must change their language in the My Settings page to experience this feature.
  • This feature needs to be enabled in Feature Management.
  • AI-generated content may be incorrect.

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Copilot from Power Automate inside Business Central

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  • United States

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Help us improve Dynamics 365 Business Central by discussing ideas, providing suggestions, and giving feedback. Use the forum at