Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Service Update 103 Release Notes


Note: As this release is deployed globally, we will continue to add fixes and the version number may change. Check this article regularly as we continue to document fixes added to this release.

Service Update 103 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.1.0 is now available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in Service Update 103.


Note: Service Update naming convention has been revised to clarify the link between the version number and Service Update number. For example, Service Update 22 will now correspond to version number 22xx. Occasionally a Service Update will be canceled and all associated fixes will be rolled into a subsequent Service Update. For this reason, Service Update numbers may not always increase incrementally.

Update package Version number
Service Update 103 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.1.0 (or higher)

To determine whether your organization had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics 365 version number. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About.

An (*) at the end of a fix statement denotes that this repair item was incorporated into multiple service update releases.

Service Update 103 resolves the following issues:

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues whose resolutions repair items in Dynamics that are not functioning.

Knowledge Management

  • New feedback records could not be created.
  • Note records could not be edited in the Entity Timeline.*
  • When all filters were cleared in using the Filters button, Voiceover did not announce the status "All filters are cleared".
  • When editing notes inline, clicking on text inputs with the mouse sent programming focus to that trusted language runtime's (TLR)'s expand/collapse control.*
  • When the Status Reason field's value was set to "Draft" instead of "Proposed", and a published KA article was then converted to a draft, the Status Reason displayed as "Proposed" instead of "Draft".

MidTier Services

  • Changes to the Relationship field in the business process flow (BPF) designer did not save.
  • When selecting a grid, Microsoft flows were not displayed under the Flow Command grid bar on the Activity homepage grid.


  • Search results did not display accounts containing custom account views.*

Platform Services

  • Entities with a logical name of "entityanalyticsconfig" and an object type code of "430" could not be created.
  • Queue processing sometimes stalled.
  • Some instances unexpectedly exceeded their allocated storage after audit logs were flooded with recurring appointment entity updates.
  • The status bar hung when attempting to enter Offline mode.*
  • When sending an email to a Gmail account, the email's Subject line text changed to random characters.


  • When navigating to the "?" symbol in the "Owner & From" fields in the "New Email" screen, Talkback unexpectedly announced "Button press double tap to activate".
  • Text wrapping in the Offline Status window wrapped as individual letters rather than as whole words.


  • When creating a case with a high priority and a Custom_date time field set to Today+7, the wrong warning time and failure time displayed in the SLA section..

United Interface

  • The flipswitch control's value could not be changed when the incoming raw value was null.

Error Messages, Exceptions, and Failures

The following list details issues whose resolutions correct actions that produce errors, unhandled exceptions, or system or component failures.

Knowledge Management

  • New feedback records could not be created.
  • Note records could not be edited in the Entity Timeline.*
  • An error occurred when no title attributes were set correctly.

Platform Services

  • An exception occurred when syncing mailboxes ("ErrorInvalidSyncStateData").**


  • The card list was missing when an invalid card type was present.*

Unified Interface

  • An error occurred when running a report immediately after creating a record ("An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.").
  • The wrong error message appeared when attempting to send email without valid email addresses.

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