Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Service Update 156 Release Notes

Service Update 156 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.1.0 is now available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in Service Update 156.


Note: Service Update naming convention has been revised to clarify the link between the version number and Service Update number. For example, Service Update 150 will now correspond to version number 150xx. Occasionally a Service Update will be canceled and all associated fixes will be rolled into a subsequent Service Update. For this reason, Service Update numbers may not always increase incrementally.

Update package Version number
Service Update 156 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.1.0 9.1.0000.15653

To determine whether your organization had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics 365 version number. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About.

An (*) at the end of a fix statement denotes that this repair item was incorporated into multiple service update releases.

Service Update 156 resolves the following issues:

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues whose resolutions repair items in Dynamics that are not functioning.

Business Process and Analytics

  • Entity status code labels changes were not reflected in process control UI.
  • The page did not display a sufficient color contrast ratio.

Field Services

  • Images did not display in full resolution after minimizing them from full screen view.
  • Two or more of top records within a grid page were behind the notch header in Grid/Calendar views.

Knowledge Management

  • Future appointments in the Timeline would show as "Overdue" prior to their assigned due date.
  • Records in the Timeline created by auto post rules would not load.
  • Hyperlinks were not inserted while posting the hyperlink text in timeline.
  • Selectable buttons did not display the correct color gradient when selected.*
  • Keyboard focus indicators may not have displayed for keyboard only users in the custom timeline.
  • Base64 encoded images that were embedded in an email would not display in Timeline after expanding a record.
  • Timeline entries would sometimes display the incorrect date when a user's operating system time zone differed from their time zone in Dynamics 365 User Settings.
  • Narration may have dictated the text twice within the custom timeline text box.
  • Default font size in rich text notes reduced from 14px to 12px in expanded view.
  • Emails from unresolved email address did not render.
  • When "Activity Status" filter option moved from "Active and Overdue" to "Active,” filter options for "Activity due date (active)" did not function.
  • The "Quick Create" form for phone calls would not populate the "Call From" field when the default direction was set to "Incoming."
  • Embedded knowledge search was not functioning in custom apps.*


  • The new value may have become blank two minutes after a case is created when tracking email.*

Platform Services

  • New 'Many-to-Many' relationships entities may not have updated properly when creating records or forms.
  • Unexpected errors occurred on time entry forms when auditing was enabled.*
  • Users were unable to track appointments and emails in Compose mode.*
  • Bulk duplicate detection job status may have shown as failed when the detection was successful.*
  • Entities created by a ProjectService solution could not be assigned.
  • Pinning a user query, followed by navigating to the entity, does not load the pinned view.*
  • Contact personal note was removed when updated in Outlook.
  • Activated actions did not appear in metadata, causing preventing actions from being callable.
  • FetchXML filters using the attribute "body" and the operator "not-null" would not return data as expected.
  • Attachmentes may not have properly displayed when running reports.
  • Custom components added to solution patches were not added when the base solution was cloned.


  • Narrator was not communicating when the radio buttons for Email Templates were expanded or collapsed.
  • The user interface did not display the middle name of an entity.*
  • Some Insight cards were not appearing within Assistant.


  • The Narrator/NVDA did not read the “read only” for the “Subject Drop Down” under the customer summary section.
  • All entities within a marketing list were included instead of the specific selection made by the user.
  • Customer name was not populating when creating a contact from quick create.

Unified Interface

  • The page count was displaying incorrect data when viewing records in grid view while in offline mode.
  • Narrator announced “Assign SLA KPI” as “Empty document.”
  • Dropdown menus could not be positioned properly in the Authoring experience.
  • Offline banner is displays without the blocking reconnect dialog when invalid address is set as proxy within UCI.*
  • The message "Required fields must be filled in" would display incorrectly after all required fields were filled in within the Enterprise Marketing App.*
  • Two scroll bars appeared for “Date and time” when zooming 100% in Reflow.
  • Navigating to the Relationship Assistant from the Contacts grid would result in an error under certain conditions.*
  • Narrator/NVDA read the heading of charts as “Chart graphic heading level 4."
  • Focus may not have been visible on Slider control (Lower & Upper buttons) under the “Rating” dropdown.
  • The screen reader may have read all the options in the dropdown when navigating to the first option in the “Sort records by” dropdown.
  • Custom dashboards may have required a page refresh before loading properly.*
  • When the web browser is set to 400% zoom, the user interface overlaps with other elements on the web page.
  • The screen reader description did not match the date/time in the user interface.
  • Appointment records could not be saved if an invalid email address was added or removed from the recipients list.
  • Unable to navigate records selected by user, using tab key or arrow keys.
  • Updated spelling/grammar with the Swedish language.
  • The “setControlState” control personalization does not work for out of box controls.*
  • Narrator was communicating the incorrect positioning for the items under “Teams” and “Users.”
  • Changes were not applied in Quick View forms until the page was refreshed intermittently.
  • Dashboard filter may not have loaded when selecting Trimester as a option.
  • The "Open Record Set" button in a record would disappear after saving changes to a record or refreshing the page.

Error Messages, Exceptions, and Failures

The following list details issues whose resolutions correct actions that produce errors, unhandled exceptions, or system or component failures.

Knowledge Management

  • The error message dialog for an empty timeline was updated on the "Get started" page.*
  • The error message dialog for an empty record was updated.*
  • The error message dialog was updated for new entities were not present within the timeline.*
  • The error message did not explain the limitations during offline mode.*
  • An error occurred when using the Timeline to edit records ("An unexpected error occurred - command fetch failed").

Platform Services

  • Users received SQL connection errors when utilizing an extension from unknown entity type and exception case processing.

Unified Interface

  • Users were receiving an error message when their Adobe Customer One for Enterprise app was left idle for a few minutes.*
  • An unhandled exception was received when retrieving records when client was in an offline state.
  • A "wrong entity" message was disalyed incorrecelty within KPI Controls.
  • Saving forms failed and displayed an “unsaved changes” when custom logic contained lookup values that could not be selected.

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