Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Service Update 168 Release Notes

Service Update 168 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.1.0 is now available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in Service Update 168.


Note: Service Update naming convention has been revised to clarify the link between the version number and Service Update number. For example, Service Update 150 will now correspond to version number 150xx. Occasionally a Service Update will be canceled and all associated fixes will be rolled into a subsequent Service Update. For this reason, Service Update numbers may not always increase incrementally.

Update package Version number
Service Update 168 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.1.0

To determine whether your organization had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics 365 version number. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About.

An (*) at the end of a fix statement denotes that this repair item was incorporated into multiple service update releases.

Service Update 168 resolves the following issues:

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues whose resolutions repair items in Dynamics that are not functioning.

Business Process and Analytics

  • Narrator did not read the roll when focus was on the “Finished” button.
  • No related Business Process Flow was created when creating a new opportunity via the Quick Create Form.

Enterprise Service

  • When merging identical time slots in the new Customer Service Schedule using the 12 hour format, he confirmation message dialog displayed in 24 hour format.
  • The “Add Break” and “Delete” buttons in a table were not identifiable in High Contrast Mode.

Knowledge Management

  • Timeline control inaccurately showed as not available in offline on Create form.
  • When opening a form with a timeline, the narrator had read “Timeline loaded” before the form information.
  • Portal comments on the TimeLineWall appeared as from "Owner" instead of from "From Parameter."*
  • The default configuration for Portal comments on the TimeLineWall had used “From” as a label but “OwnerID” as a value.*
  • The default configuration for a new Portal comment in TimeLine did not include a link for the commenting user’s data. *


  • When setting up a mailbox online, the email server profile would direct to the Microsoft Privacy Statement in English, regardless of the local parameter.
  • While navigating with a keyboard, the keyboard focus would go to the top navigation bar after closing a popup.

Platform Services

  • The plugin "ActivityFeeds.Plugins.ActivityClose" could be applied to incorrect entities.
  • Alternate key was allowing duplicate records to be created when enabled.

Power Platform Admin Center

  • A grammatical error in the error message displayed when a user had a missing CDS role was corrected.


  • Document associated grid did not show all documents.*


  • Narrator was not defining column headers when editing a Customer Service Schedule within Customer Service Hub.

Unified Client

  • While using the Global Filter, the scroll bar on the Ratings page exhibited a delay response time while scrolling.
  • User owned entities could not be modified or removed from the Dashboard by system administrators.*
  • Records would not delete when using offline mode.
  • The Advanced Find feature within the Service Management settings page would not launch when activated.
  • The PowerApps icon was not present within the browser tab.
  • While running a report, the expanded "Run Report" menu was not defined for accessibility and did not describe the user interface change when the menu was expanded.
  • Line breaks were removed when creating a new appointment.*
  • When updating metadata for the Field Service on mobile devices, the Field Service database would freeze during initialization.
  • When drawing on an image the form banner would display during each annotation, causing the image to move consistently.
  • The Owner Lookup control had been stuck in “Loading…” when selected.
  • On mobile devices, the scroll bar within the Customer tab in the Calendar would not scroll, intermittently.*
  • Editable grids did not allow the selection of OOB account lookup were its grayed out in the UCI.
  • The user interface displayed items within the navigation tabs that contained incorrect translations, for certain languages.
  • In the Field Service mobile app, the user interface for the "Preview Properties" message box was overlapping with the iOS status bar and the Cancel and Close buttons were disabled.
  • Form text was cutoff in the Booking menu within the Field Service mobile app.*
  • Labels would not display the Form Processor field value if the field name contained more than one word.
  • Switching between the 'related entities' tab and the 'components' tab resulted in Form Components not loading.
  • The item "Dynamics 365 -- custom" incorrectly appeared in the global command bar on the Dynamics 365 app page.*
  • The "Select All" button in Grids did not work.
  • Sessions created with the Marketing app, did not have the correct accessibility definition for Navigator in the Event Registration column.
  • When navigating records in “Group by” view, the next owner was not displayed until a user navigated through all assigned records.
  • Screen swipe navigation could occur when interacting with a drop-down menu.
  • Option set columns would only show one entry for multiple options with the same label.
  • The offline overlay did not show when disconnecting from a network during the background sync.
  • On the Relevance Search page, duplicate filter icons would appear on the page when resizing the browser window.
  • Grid page controls were not in view in some tablet user interfaces.
  • Emails sent through record entities would fail.*
  • The model app sitemap did not display correctly in landscape mode on tablets.
  • Email templates would not load when a non-English language was selected.

Error Messages, Exceptions, and Failures

The following list details issues whose resolutions correct actions that produce errors, unhandled exceptions, or system or component failures.

Business Process and Analytics

  • An error message was displayed when attempting to create a new Business unit with more than 10,000 units of data.
  • Solution imports would fail with the error, "The entity relationship role of the referencing entity is required when creating a new one-to-many entity relationship kpmg_processstage_workflow/."

Knowledge Management

  • On mobile, timeline entries with no notes contained an error message with misaligned text when in offline mode.*

Platform Services

  • Importing a new data type with a name did not contain the required customization label resulted in an error.


  • An error message was displayed while attempting to upgrade newly created solutions, if they did not contain the expected metadata.

Unified Client

  • An error message did not appear when the required information was not completed when a record was saved.*
  • An error message did not appear when selecting a flyout menu with no items in it.
  • The error message, “This operation failed because you're offline. Please reconnect and try again” was occurring for users on Android if the application was restarted while disconnected from the internet.
  • A “something went wrong’ error message was intermittently displayed while attempting to open contact records in offline mode.
  • An error message was displayed when modifying invitations for newly creating appointments with no organizer.*
  • On mobile devices, the offline status alert was overlapping with the user interface of grids that did not have a command bar.

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