Enable focused view for all records

Enable the focused view for all records in your organization to allow sellers to easily manage records and associated activities on one page. By default, the option is enabled and is displayed for all entities. Users can switch to the focused view by choosing the Focused View option from the command bar on the entity grid.

When disabled, the focused view becomes unavailable for all entities within your organization and configured the entities won't display the focused view.

You must have the System Administrator or similar security role to perform these configurations.

Enable focused view

  1. Sign in to the Power Platform admin center.

  2. Select your environment.

  3. Select Settings > Product > Features.

  4. Under the Grids and views section, turn on the Enable focused view for all records toggle.

    Screenshot of enabling focused view for organization.


    To disable focused view, turn off the Enable focused view for all records toggle.

  5. Save and publish your changes.

    Focused view is now enabled for your organization.

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