Maintain up-to-date forecast data

Forecast data is automatically recalculated after every 24 hours to keep the data current. You can also trigger a manual calculation if you want a change to be immediately reflected in the forecast.

License and role requirements

Requirement type You must have
License Dynamics 365 Sales Premium or Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise
More information: Dynamics 365 Sales pricing
Security roles Any primary sales role, such as salesperson or sales manager
More information: Primary sales roles

Recalculate and refresh forecast data manually

Forecast data is automatically recalculated in the following scenarios:

  • After every 24 hours.
  • After you adjust the forecast values or update the underlying records on the Forecasts page.

if you've updated the underlying records on the opportunities page or updated the forecast hierarchy, you can trigger a manual recalculation.

  1. Open the forecast. Verify the Last updated timestamp on the command bar to know when the forecast was last recalculated successfully.

  2. Select Recalculate data. Screenshot of the Recalculate data option in the forecast.

    A notification appears at the top of the screen, confirming the recalculation. Recalculation happens in the background, and you can continue to work while recalculation is in progress.

    Notification to confirm recalculation.

  3. After the application recalculates the forecast data, a notification appears to refresh the data. On the notification, select Refresh page. You'll notice the following updates to the forecast:

    • The aggregation and roll-ups for the underlying data are recalculated.

    • Any target or quota changes are checked and updated.

    • Any other changes affecting the forecast values (excluding hierarchy changes) are refreshed.

    • Only the current forecast period is recalculated.

    • No changes are made to the forecast values that were manually adjusted.

    • No changes are made to the Prediction column. Predictions are only recalculated after every seven days. Hover over the information icon on the column header to view the last recalculation date.

Can't find the options in your app?

There are three possibilities:

  • You don't have the necessary license or role.
  • Your administrator hasn't turned on the feature.
  • Your organization is using a custom app. Check with your administrator for exact steps. The steps described in this article are specific to the out-of-the-box Sales Hub and Sales Professional apps.

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