Asset manufacturers and models

This article explains how to set up asset manufacturers and related models in Asset Management. Models can be related to asset types.

Set up product-model relations

  1. Select Asset management > Setup > Assets > Manufacturer and model.

  2. Select New to create a new product.

  3. In the Manufacturer field, enter a name for the asset manufacturer.

  4. In the Description field, enter a description.

  5. On the Models FastTab, select Add to create an asset model that should be related to the asset manufacturer.

  6. In the Model field, enter a name for the asset model.

  7. In the Description field, enter a description.

  8. In the Asset type field, select the asset type that the manufacturer model should be related to.


    You can also set up relations for asset types, manufacturers, and models in the Asset types lookup. For more information, see Asset types.

    In the Details FastTab, the Models field shows the number of asset models that are set up on the selected asset manufacturer. The Assets field shows the number of assets that are using the selected manufacturer.

    The Assets field shows the number of objects that are using the manufacturer model.


An asset type can have no asset manufacturer model relations, it can be related to one asset manufacturer model, or it can be related multiple asset manufacturer models. If an asset type is related to at least one manufacturer model, only the combinations that are set up in the Manufacturer model lookup can be selected on those Asset Management pages where a combination of an asset type, manufacturer, and model can be set up. These pages include All assets, Asset service levels, Job type defaults, and Maintenance budget lines. If some asset types aren't related to any manufacturer model, only those asset types, and manufacturer models that also have no relation to asset types, are shown on the pages.

Select a manufacturer and model on an object

  1. Select Asset management > *Assets > All assets.
  2. In the Asset column, select the link for the asset. The Details page appears.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. On the General FastTab, select values in the Manufacturer and Model fields.