Quality management tests

This article describes how to create tests that can be used for quality orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

You use the Tests page to define and view the individual tests that determine whether your products meet quality specifications. You can assign one or more individual tests to a test group. In this case, you also specify test-specific information, such as the acceptable measurement values. Measurement values are used for quantitative tests. For qualitative tests, test variables are used.

  • For quantitative tests, the Type field is set to Integer or Fraction. A unit of measure is also specified. Quality specifications and test results are expressed as numbers.
  • For qualitative tests, the Type field is set to Option. Qualitative tests require additional information about the test variable that is being measured and its enumerated options. Quality specifications and test results are expressed according to an outcome.

You can optionally assign a test instrument to a test. However, test instruments aren't required to create and use tests with quality orders. For more information, see Quality management test instruments.

You can also optionally specify a unit for a test, to indicate the unit of measure that test results are recorded in. For example, a test for temperature might include a unit of either degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius.

Example of a test

A manufacturing company performs two tests on purchased material: a quantitative test for material quality and a qualitative test for packaging damage. The company specifies additional information about the qualitative test to define the test variable (for example, damaged packaging) and its outcomes. The company uses the Test groups page to assign the two tests to a test group and to specify the test-specific information. The test group is assigned to a quality order so that the company can report test results for the two tests.

Create a test

Follow these steps to create a test.

  1. Go to Inventory management > Setup > Quality control > Tests.

  2. On the Action Pane, select New to add a row to the grid. Then set the following fields for the new row:

    • Test – Enter a unique ID or name for the test.
    • Description – Enter a detailed description of the test.
    • Type – Select the type of results that the test produces. For quantitative tests, select Fraction or Integer. For qualitative tests, select Option.
    • Test instrument – Select a test instrument that should be used for the test.
    • Unit – If you selected Fraction or Integer in the Type field (that is, if the test is a quantitative test), select the unit of measure that test results should be recorded in.
  3. Close the page.


After you save a test, you can no longer edit the Type field in the grid. If you must change the type of test results that will be recorded for a test, select Change quality test type on the Action Pane. In the Change quality test type dialog box, set the New type field to the desired type, and then select OK to close the dialog box.

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