Deprecated master planning overview


Although we strongly recommend that you migrate to Planning Optimization as soon as possible for the reasons outlined in this article, you can continue to use the deprecated master planning engine while you prepare to migrate without requesting an exception from Microsoft. For more information about how to do so, see Continue using deprecated master planning for some companies.

As previously announced, the built-in master planning engine is now deprecated. This means that it's no longer supported (unless customers face a blocking issue or a regression in functionality) and Microsoft is no longer investing in it (no new features will be released).

Planning Optimization is the master planning engine for Supply Chain Management and completely replaces the built-in master planning engine.

If you currently use the deprecated master planning engine, you should start planning your migration to Planning Optimization now. It's important to get started right away. We strongly encourage you to complete the migration as soon as Planning Optimization supports the features you require so that you can start taking advantage of the many performance improvements and other new capabilities provided by the new service.

We recommend that you work with a partner to evaluate and plan the migration to Planning Optimization.

Before you switch to Planning Optimization, we strongly recommend that you evaluate the results of the Planning Optimization fit analysis. For more information, see Planning Optimization fit analysis.

When will the deprecated planning engine be removed?

Microsoft isn't currently planning to remove the built-in master planning engine. If we do decide to remove it, removal plans will be announced at least one year in advance on the Removed or deprecated features in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management page.