Service tasks overview

Use service tasks to describe the task to be completed during a service order. Both technicians and customers can see this information.

You create service tasks in the Service tasks page, and you associate service tasks with a specific service agreement or service order by creating service task relations. Every time that you create a service task relation, you can create the following:

  • Internal notes for the task, such as detailed technical requests for the task that are important for the technician to know.

  • External notes that the customer can see. These might provide a less technical explanation of the task that is being completed, according to the agreement between the customer and the service company.

When you have set up a service task relation between a service task and a service order or service agreement, you can specify this service task when you create service order lines or service agreement lines for the current service order or service agreement.

When you generate service orders from a service agreement, you can use the service tasks that are assigned to each service agreement line to group service order lines into service orders.

Create a service task

  1. Click Service management > Setup > Service tasks.
  2. Create a new line.
  3. Enter the service ID and description.


A technician must complete two jobs on a gearbox (service object GB-1234) at a customer site. A service agreement is created for the customer, and several transactions are associated with the jobs. The service agreement and service agreement lines for the two jobs are as follows:

Service agreement

Project Service agreement Description Group
9012 000008_001 Inspection and routine replacement – GB-1234 Premium

Service agreement lines

Description Transaction type Service object Service task
Inspection and cleaning Hour GB-1234 I/C - GB1234
Travel Expense GB-1234 I/C - GB1234
Materials Item GB-1234 I/C - GB1234
Routine replacement Hour GB-1234 RR - GB1234
GR-1 Item GB-1234 RR - GB1234
GR-5 Item GB-1234 RR - GB1234

The service agreement lines for the two jobs have two service tasks attached to them. The service tasks determine the transactions that belong to each job. In the first case, service task I/C - GB1234 identifies all the service agreement lines that are involved in the inspection and cleaning of object GB-1234. In the second case, service task RR - GB1234 identifies all the service agreement lines that are involved in completing a routine replacement job.

The service task relations that connect the service tasks to the specific agreement are as follows:

Service tasks

Service task Description Internal note External note
I/C - GB1234 Inspection of gearbox GB-1234 Visual and mechanical inspection and cleaning of gearbox GB-1234 Routine inspection of gearbox
RR - GB1234 Routine replacement of parts in GB-1234 Routine service replacement of GR-1 and GR-5 components (for gearboxes manufactured before 2002, also replace GR-2 component) Routine replacement of parts

Group service orders

When you create service orders automatically, you can use service tasks as grouping criteria. To group service orders by service tasks, define on the service agreement that service orders that are based on the service agreement should be grouped by service task ID as their initial grouping criteria.

Group by service task

  1. Click Service management > Service agreements > Service agreements.
  2. On the Setup tab, select By service task in the Combine service orders field.