Integrate channel using Channel Integration Framework

Bring your channel providers and integrate them with Unified Service Desk client application using the Channel Integration Framework.

If your organization wants to use the cloud-based channel that you have developed using the Channel Integration Framework, you can integrate the same channel in Unified Service Desk with minimal configuration experience. In turn, this eliminates the need for developing multiple channels.

The User Interface Integration (UII) framework provides a hosted control - Channel Integration Framework for you to host the channel provider within Unified Service Desk client application.

What is Channel Integration Framework for Unified Service Desk

The Channel Integration Framework hosted control type acts as an interface between the Unified Service client application and channel provider.

The Channel Integration Framework type of hosted control provides a set of actions and events for you to integrate and experience a seamless interaction between the channel provider and Unified Service Desk client application. These predefined actions and events parses the parameters to the Unified Service Desk client application. To learn more, see Channel Integration Framework (Hosted Control).

Based on your organization requirements, you must create actions and attach them to the predefined events to proceed with the scenarios your business demands.

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