Unified Service Desk configuration walkthroughs

Each walkthrough in this section covers an area or a combination of areas in Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365. These walkthroughs are arranged in increasing order of complexity so it may benefit you to do them in sequence. Also, you must complete Walkthrough 1: Build a simple agent application first because it sets up the base application that the other walkthroughs, except walkthrough 8, are built on. Walkthrough 8 is a standalone walkthrough, and does not require any other walkthroughs to be completed before using it.

These walkthroughs are created using the “New Environment” sample application package deployed on Customer Engagement (on-premises). Before you begin these walkthroughs, ensure that you have deployed one of the sample Unified Service Desk applications, have installed the Unified Service Desk client application, and have appropriate security access in Microsoft Dataverse to configure Unified Service Desk entities. More information: Deploy sample Unified Service Desk applications using Package Deployer

Install, upgrade and deploy Unified Service Desk

Sample Unified Service Desk applications

Learn to use Unified Service Desk

Customize themes in Unified Service Desk

Create a custom Unified Service Desk hosted control

Create a custom panel layout in Unified Service Desk

Walkthrough: Create a UII Application Adapter

Walkthrough: Create a UII Web Application Adapter

Walkthrough: Create a UII Windows Forms Hosted Control

Walkthrough: Create a UII WPF Hosted Control

Walkthrough: Use the generic listener adapter for CTI event routing