Batch attributes inquiry (form)

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click Product information management > Common > Released products. Select the item you want to work with. On the Action Pane, on the Manage Inventory tab, in the Batch attributes group, click Search inventory.

Use this form to inquire about inventory batches for items with specific batch attributes.

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Inventory batch

View current inventory quantities for the batch, including the following: Physical inventory, physical reserved, Available physical, Ordered in total, On order, Ordered reserved, and Total available.


View information about the originating source of a batch reservation against an inventory batch. For example, the originating source might be a sales order.




Batch attribute search

Open the Batch attribute search form to enter search criterion to locate an inventory batch with certain attributes.

Inventory batch attributes

Open the Inventory batch attributes form to add batch attribute values to an inventory batch for an item.




Item number

The identification for the item.

Product name

The name of the product.


The site associated with the warehouse in which the item is stored. A site usually has multiple warehouses assigned to it.


The warehouse in which the item is stored.

Batch number

The batch number dimension.

Physical inventory

The physical quantity in the inventory.

Physical reserved

Total quantity of the item that was physically reserved for the inventory dimension.

Available physical

Available quantity (not reserved) from the physical inventory. This quantity is calculated as follows:

Physical inventory (less) Physical reserved = Available physical

Ordered in total

Total amount of ordered items.

On order

The quantity from the selected order line that has been ordered.

Ordered reserved

Total quantity of the item that is reserved on ordered receipts for the inventory dimension. Amounts appear in the field when you total all issue transactions with the status Ordered reserved. Items that are reserved as ordered are not physically available in inventory and therefore cannot be directly picked and delivered from inventory.

Total available

Total available quantity of an item. This quantity is calculated as follows:

Available physical (plus) Ordered in total (less) Ordered reserved (less) Ordered in total = Total available.


The source of the reference, for example, a purchase order, sales order, project, or batch order.


The reference number of the sales order, purchase order, or production from which the production is derived. If there are no connections, the field is blank.

Packing slip

The reference number of the original purchase packing slip for the batch.


The reference number of the original invoice for the batch.

Receipt status

The current receipt status for receipt transactions. If the field is empty, the transaction is of type issue. The possible receipt status values included the following:

  • Purchase ─ The purchase order is invoiced.

  • Received ─ The purchase order is packing-slip updated.

  • Registered ─ The item is registered. When setting up inventory model groups, you can indicate in the Registration requirements field that item receipts must be registered upon physical updating.

  • Arrived ─ The item is registered in a shipment.

  • Ordered ─ The purchase order is created.

  • Quotation receipt ─ The sales quotation with a negative quantity has been sent to the customer for approval. The sales quotation is not yet a credit note.

Status date

The date associated with the transaction’s status.

CW quantity

The quantity of the batch in catch weight units.


The quantity of the batch in inventory units.

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