Forecast models (form)

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click Inventory management > Setup > Forecast > Forecast models.


Click Project management and accounting > Setup > Forecasts > Forecast models.

Use this form to create and manage forecast models. A forecast model names and identifies a specific forecast.

You can define a forecast model in two levels. A forecast model can include one or more submodels. This allows you to aggregate the individual forecasts. When you run forecast scheduling for a top-level forecast model, the program calculates gross requirements for all models that are designated as submodels.


  • You must define all forecast models before you can designate one or more models as submodels of a forecast model.

  • A forecast model that is used as a submodel cannot contain other submodels.

  • A forecast submodel uses its own parameters, not those of the top-level forecast model.

Tasks that use this form

Set up a forecast model

Create forecast models for project budgets

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.





View a list of designated submodels for the selected forecast model. Create and delete submodels.


Specify forecast and budget options for projects.





Create a forecast model.


Delete the forecast model.


Create a submodel.


Delete the submodel.





Assign a unique identifier to the forecast model. You can use both numbers and letters.


Assign a name to the model or submodel.


When this check box is selected, you cannot edit the forecast lines that the model is associated with.

Cash flow forecasts

When this check box is selected, the forecast lines that the model is associated with generate cash flow forecasts in the General ledger section. Note that cash flow forecasts are not generated for projects.


Designate one or more submodels for the selected forecast model.

WIP on time and material project

WIP on fixed-price project

WIP on investment project

Select these check boxes if you want to include work in process transactions in previews of ledger postings for these project types.


To preview ledger postings, click the Budget updates button on a forecast form.

Selecting one of these check boxes enables the corresponding check box under Require sufficient remaining budget.

These check boxes are available only for forecasts, not for budgets.

Budget type

Select a budget type if a forecast model is restricted to budgetary control.

  • Original budget – A forecast that holds the budget amount that was first committed for the project.

  • Remaining budget – A forecast that holds the budget amount that is remaining for the project. This forecast is reduced by transactions and increased or decreased by budget amendments.

  • None – A forecast that is not used for budget control.

Automatic forecast reduction

Select the check box for each transaction type for which you want to enable automatic forecast reduction:

  • Hour

  • Expense

  • Item

Require sufficient remaining budget

Select the check box for each transaction type for which sufficient remaining budgeted funds must be available before a transaction can be created:

  • Hour

  • Expense

  • Item

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