Configure budget planning security


This content is archived and is not being updated. For the latest documentation, see Microsoft Dynamics 365 product documentation. For the latest release plans, see Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform release plans.

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

In budget planning, you can limit a user’s access to the budget plans based on their assignment in the budgeting organization hierarchy. For example, a budgeting organization hierarchy might consist of Finance department at the top of the hierarchy and Sales, Operations, IT and Human resources at the bottom of the hierarchy. In this hierarchy it’s possible to limit user access to the budget plans, so users can only view the Sales and Operations department’s budget plans.

There are two security models available that allow two different ways in which to access the budgeting organization:

  • Based on security organizations - All users who have access to an organization in the security roles can access the budget plans for that organization. To enable this security model, the organization hierarchy used must have both Security and Budget planning purposes assigned.

  • Based on worker positions – All budget plan preparers who are associated with workers and have a position in an organization unit in the budget planning organization hierarchy can access the budget plans.

To select a security model, in the Budget planning configuration form, you can select the security model that will be used by the legal entity. Click Budgeting > Setup > Budget planning > Budget planning configuration. In the Parameters form, in the Security model field, select the security model.

Example: Set up user security using Based on security organizations security model

To set up access based on security organizations, you need to assign a security purpose to the organizational hierarchy that is used for budget planning.

  1. Click Organization administration > Setup > Organization > Organization hierarchies.

  2. In the Organization hierarchies form, in the View group, click Organization hierarchy to open the Hierarchy designer - form.

  3. On the Action pane, click Purposes.

  4. In the Organization hierarchy purposes form, select Security from the Purposes list, and then click Add.

  5. Select the budgeting organization hierarchy and click OK.

Next, assign user access to the organizational hierarchy.

  1. Click System administration > Common > Users > Users.

  2. Select the user and click Edit.

  3. On the User's roles FastTab, the user must have the Budget manager and the Budget clerk security roles assigned.

  4. Click Assign organizations.

  5. In the Organizations for the user %1 in role %2 form, select Grant access to specific organizations individually.

  6. In the Select organization hierarchy field, select Budgeting – Departments.

  7. Select the organizational units that the user has access to and click Grant or Grant with children. Grant will give the user access to the selected organizational unit only. The Grant with children option will give the user access to the selected organizational unit and its children organizations.

Example: Set up user security using Based on worker positions security model

To set up access based on worker position, you need to associate the worker with a position that is assigned to a department and part of the budgeting organizational hierarchy.

  1. Click Human resources > Common > Organization > Positions > Positions.

  2. On the Action Pane, click Position to create a new position.

  3. Select a Job for the position and click Create positions.

  4. In the Position form, confirm that the department selected in the Department field is assigned in the budgeting organizational hierarchy.

Next, create a new worker for this position.

  1. In the Position form, click Hire. Fill in the information about the worker.

  2. Close the form.

  3. Now, associate the user with the newly created worker. Click System administration > Common > Users > Users.

  4. Select the user and on the Action pane, in the Set up group, click Relations.

  5. In the User relations form, click New. Select the person who was created in the previous step.

Grant access to budget plans by user group

In addition to the security model selected, you can grant access to budget plans using budget planning groups.

  1. Click Budgeting > Setup > Budget planning > Budget planning configuration.

  2. Select the Parameters form.

  3. Select the Allow access to budget plans by user group check box. If this check box is selected, the Budget planning user group is available on the Create a budget plan form when a new budget plan is created. All users who are assigned to the selected user group will be able to see this budget plan.


    Users who have the system administrator role assigned will have access to all budget plans. Users who are not system administrators must have the budget manager or budget clerk security role assigned to have access to the budgeting area page.