Locating the WSDL for Services


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Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

This topic illustrates how to view the Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) file for services.

All of the Microsoft Dynamics AX services that are exposed through an integration port and hosted by the Application Object Server (AOS) are included in a WSDL file. The following example demonstrates the format for a WSDL URI address, in this case for the ledger journal service : http://<machine name>:8101/DynamicsAx/Services/LedgerJournalService.

If you have only one AOS instance, the default port for the root WSDL is 8101. However, if you have multiple AOS instances, the port number depends on which AOS is hosting the services. The WSDL port number is generated by adding the AOS ID to the base port number, which is 8100.

You can find the AOS ID by viewing the service name. To view the name, open the Services form in Windows Server, click Start, Administrative Tools, and then click Services. The service name uses the following format: Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server <version>$<AOSID>-DynamicsAx. For example, the service name that is displayed might be: Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server 6.0$03 –DynamicsAx. In this case, the port number for the WSDL is 8103.


To complete this walkthrough you need:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

Initializing AIF

If this is the first time that you have worked with services and Application Integration Framework (AIF), you must first set up AIF. To set up AIF, follow these steps.

To initialize AIF

  1. Click System administration > Setup > Checklists > Initialization checklist.

  2. Expand the Initialize system node.

  3. Click Set up Application Integration Framework.

    Adapters, basic ports, and services are registered. This operation can take some time to be completed.

Viewing the WSDL for Services

You can view the WSDL for services on any inbound or outbound port. The following example uses an inbound port.

To view the WSDL for services on an inbound port

  1. Open the Inbound ports form. Click System administration > Setup > Services and Application Integration Framework > Inbound ports.

  2. To find the port for which you want to see the WSDL, view the port names and descriptions that are displayed in the left-hand list.


    The port that you select must be active for the WSDL URI to be displayed in the form. If the port is active, a green check mark is displayed next to the port name. If the port is not active, select the port and then click the Activate button.

  3. Copy the WSDL URI that is displayed in the Address section for the inbound port.

  4. Open Internet Explorer.

  5. In the Address bar, enter the URL of the root WSDL. For example, enter http://ContosoServer:8101/DynamicsAx/Services/LedgerJournalService. The WSDL contents are displayed in the Internet Explorer page.

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