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Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Use Payroll to set up and manage payroll business processes in your organization.


When you use the Payroll module, we highly recommend that you disable the Payroll information configuration key under the Human resource I configuration key. The forms and tables that are enabled by that configuration key are not used by Payroll. If Payroll is installed and the configuration key is enabled, it might be difficult to make sure that your data is entered and tracked correctly.

Payroll procedures are organized into four sections:

Click the link for each section to see the real-world procedures that you can use to start to use Payroll.

Payroll procedures

The first topic in each section contains a set of real-world procedures to help you start to use Payroll. The procedures are high-level procedures. Each step in the procedure links to a task topic that contains detailed step-by-step instructions. You may need to perform all of the tasks in the linked topic, or just some of them. If you need to perform only some of the tasks, the step in the procedure tells you which ones.

Some procedures include additional information or tips that are specific to that procedure.


When you open a procedure topic, it usually opens with detailed information displayed for all procedures. Click Hide all to close the detailed information and see just the list of procedures. Scan the list to find the procedure you want to use. Click the triangle next to the procedure title to open and close the detailed procedure information.

Integration with other modules

Payroll integrates with the following Microsoft Dynamics AX modules:

  • Accounts payable

  • Cash and bank management

  • General ledger

  • Human resources – Many human resources settings affect Payroll. Worker and position settings, in particular, must be correctly configured before you can process a worker’s pay. To simplify Payroll setup, you can access the Human resources settings through either the Human resources area page or the Payroll area page.


    The payroll-related data and processes in Time and attendance are independent of Payroll.