Intrinsic Functions

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Intrinsic functions are metadata assertion functions. They take arguments that represent entities in the Application Object Tree (AOT), and validate these arguments at compile time. They have no effect at run time. Intrinsic functions are a subgroup of the X++ system functions, and typically have names ending in Num or Str, for example: classNum and formStr.

Intrinsic functions should be used wherever possible in X++ code to make the code resilient to changes to the metadata stored in the AOT.

You will get a best practice warning if you use the for identifierStr function. This is because no existence checking is carried out for identifierStr. Try to use a more specific intrinsic function if one is available.

The following list contains the intrinsic functions in MorphX.

Validation of Table Metadata

  • tableCollectionStr

  • tableFieldGroupStr

  • tablePName

  • tableNum

  • tableMethodStr

  • tableStaticMethodStr

  • tableStr

Validation of Field Metadata

  • fieldNum

  • fieldPname

  • fieldStr

Validation of Index Metadata

  • indexNum

  • indexStr

Validation of Data Type Metadata

  • enumCnt

  • enumNum

  • enumStr

  • extendedTypeNum

  • extendedTypeStr

  • typeId

Validation of Configuration Key Metadata

  • configurationKeyNum

  • configurationKeyStr

Validation of License Metadata

  • licenseCodeNum

  • licenseCodeStr

Validation of Class Metadata

  • classNum

  • classStr

  • methodStr

  • staticMethodStr

Validation of Form, Report, Query, and Menu Metadata

Where possible, use the AutoDeclaration property on controls.

  • formStr


In forms, control:: controlName returns the ID of the control.

  • formControlStr

  • menuItemActionStr

  • menuItemDisplayStr

  • menuItemOutputStr

  • menuStr

  • reportStr

  • queryStr

  • queryDataSourceStr

Validation of Web Metadata

  • webActionItemStr

  • webDisplayContentItemStr

  • webletItemStr

  • webOutputContentItemStr

  • webpageDefStr

  • webReportStr

  • websiteDefStr

  • websiteTempStr

  • webStaticFileStr

  • webUrlItemStr

  • webWebpartStr


  • identifierStr

  • literalStr

  • maxDate

  • maxInt

  • minDate

  • minInt

  • resourceStr

  • varStr

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