Configure Stickers for Windows 11 SE

Starting in Windows 11 SE, version 22H2, Stickers is a feature that allows students to decorate their desktop with digital stickers. Students can choose from over 500 cheerful, education-friendly digital stickers. Stickers can be arranged, resized, and customized on top of the desktop background. Each student's stickers remain, even when the background changes.

Similar to the education theme packs, Stickers is a personalization feature that helps the device feel like it was designed for students.

Windows 11 SE desktop with 3 stickers

Stickers are simple to use, and give students an easy way to express themselves by decorating their desktop, helping to make learning fun.

Benefits of Stickers

When students feel like they can express themselves at school, they pay more attention and learn, which benefits students, teachers, and the school community. Self-expression is critical to well-being and success at school. Customizing a device is one way to express a personal brand.

With Stickers, students feel more attached to the device as they feel as if it's their own, they take better care of it, and it's more likely to last.

Enable Stickers

Stickers aren't enabled by default. Follow the instructions below to configure your devices using either Microsoft Intune or a provisioning package (PPKG).

To configure devices with Microsoft Intune, use a custom policy:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Intune admin center
  2. Select Devices > Configuration profiles > Create profile
  3. Select Platform > Windows 10 and later and Profile type > Templates > Custom
  4. Select Create
  5. Specify a Name and, optionally, a Description > Next
  6. Add the following settings:
  • OMA-URI: ./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Stickers/EnableStickers
  • Data type: Integer
  • Value: 1
    1. Select Next
    2. Assign the policy to a security group that contains as members the devices or users that you want to configure > Next
    3. Under Applicability Rules, select Next
    4. Review the policy configuration and select Create

    For more information about how to create custom settings using Intune, see Use custom settings for Windows devices in Intune.


    Use the following Graph call to automatically create the custom policy in your tenant without assignments nor scope tags. 1

    Content-Type: application/json

    1 When using this call, authenticate to your tenant in the Graph Explorer window. If it's the first time using Graph Explorer, you may need to authorize the application to access your tenant or to modify the existing permissions. This graph call requires DeviceManagementConfiguration.ReadWrite.All permissions.

    How to use Stickers

    Once the Stickers feature is enabled, the sticker editor can be opened by either:

    • using the contextual menu on the desktop and selecting the option Add or edit stickers
    • opening the Settings app > Personalization > Background > Add stickers

    Windows 11 SE desktop contextual menu to open the sticker editor

    Multiple stickers can be added from the picker by selecting them. The stickers can be resized, positioned or deleted from the desktop by using the mouse, keyboard, or touch.

    animation showing Windows 11 SE desktop with 4 pirate stickers being resized and moved

    Select the X button at the top of the screen to save your progress and close the sticker editor.