Configure education themes for Windows 11

Starting in Windows 11, version 22H2, you can deploy education themes to your devices. The education themes are designed for students using devices in a school.

Screenshot of Windows 11 desktop with 3 stickers

Themes allow the end user to quickly configure the look and feel of the device, with preset wallpaper, accent color, and other settings. Students can choose their own themes, making it feel the device is their own. When students feel more ownership over their device, they tend to take better care of it.

Enable education themes

Education themes aren't enabled by default. The following instructions describe how to configure your devices using either Microsoft Intune or a provisioning package (PPKG).

To configure devices with Microsoft Intune, create a Settings catalog policy and use the following settings:

Category Setting name Value
Education Enable Edu Themes Enabled

Assign the policy to a group that contains as members the devices or users that you want to configure.

Alternatively, you can configure devices using a custom policy with the following settings:

OMA-URI: ./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Education/EnableEduThemes
Data type: int
Value: 1

How to use the education themes

Once the education themes are enabled, the device downloads them as soon as a user signs in to the device.

To change the theme, select Settings > Personalization > Themes > Select a theme

Screenshot of Windows 11 education themes selection