Working with Microsoft Store for Education

Learn about education scenarios for Microsoft Store for Education. IT admins and teachers can use Microsoft Store to find, acquire, distribute, and manage apps.

Many of the settings in Microsoft Store for Business also apply in Microsoft Store for Education. Several of the items in this topic are unique to Microsoft Store for Education.

Basic Purchaser role

Applies to: IT admins

By default, when a teacher with a work or school account signs up for Microsoft Store for Education, the Basic Purchaser role is assigned to them. Basic Purchaser role allows teachers to:

  • View the Minecraft: Education Edition product description page
  • Acquire and manage Minecraft: Education Edition, and other apps from Store for Education
  • Use info on Support (including links to documentation and access to support through customer service)


People with the Basic Purchaser role can only manage (assign and reclaim licenses) for apps that they purchased. They can't manage apps purchased by people with Purchaser or Admin roles.

Admins can control whether or not teachers are automatically assigned the Basic Purchaser role. You can configure this with Make everyone a Basic Purchaser. You'll find this on Settings, with Shop settings.

To manage Make everyone a Basic Purchaser

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Store for Education
  2. Click Manage, and then click Settings.
  3. On Shop, select or clear Make everyone a Basic Purchaser.


Make everyone a Basic Purchaser is on by default.

When Make everyone a Basic Purchaser is turned off, admins can manually assign the role to teachers.

To assign Basic Purchaser role

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Store for Education
  2. Click Manage, and then choose Permissions.
  3. On Roles, click Assign roles, type and select a name, choose the role you want to assign, and then click Save.

Blocked Basic Purchasers

When Make everyone a Basic Purchaser is on, admins can still manage which users have the Basic Purchaser role. An admin can unassign the Basic Purchaser role from a user, and the user is added to a list of Blocked Basic Purchasers. Admins can review who are Basic Purchasers and Blocked Basic Purchasers on Permissions.

Private store

Applies to: IT admins

When you create your Microsoft Store for Education account, you'll have a set of apps included for free in your private store. Apps in your private store are available for all people in your organization to install and use.

These apps will automatically be in your private store:

  • Word mobile
  • Excel mobile
  • PowerPoint mobile
  • OneNote
  • Sway
  • Fresh Paint
  • Minecraft: Education Edition

As an admin, you can remove any of these apps from the private store if you'd prefer to control how apps are distributed.

Manage domain settings

Applies to: IT admins

Self-service sign up

Self-service sign-up makes it easier for users in your organization to sign up for online services from Microsoft. We call this sign up process "self-service sign-up" because your users can sign up to use services paid by your subscription, or use free services, without asking you to take action on their behalf. For more information on self-service sign up, see Using self-service sign up in your organization.

Domain verification

For education organizations, domain verification ensures you are on the academic verification list. As an admin, you might need to verify your domain using the Microsoft 365 admin center. For more information, see Verify your Office 365 domain to prove ownership, nonprofit or education status.

Acquire apps

Applies to: IT admins and teachers

Find apps for your school using Microsoft Store for Business. Admins in an education setting can use the same processes as Admins in an enterprise setting to find and acquire apps.

To acquire apps

To add a payment method - debit or credit card

If the app you purchase has a price, you’ll need to provide a payment method.

  • During your purchase, click Get started! Add a way to pay. Provide the info needed for your debit or credit card.

For more information on payment options, see payment options.

For more information on tax rates, see tax information.

Manage apps and software

Applies to: IT admins and teachers

Manage purchases

IT admins and teachers in educational settings can purchase apps from Microsoft Store for Education. Teachers need to have the Basic purchaser role, but if they've acquired Minecraft: Education Edition, they have the role by default.

While both groups can purchase apps, they can't manage purchases made by the other group.

Admins can:

  • Manage and distribute apps they purchased and apps purchased by other admins in the organization.
  • View apps purchased by teachers.
  • View and manage apps on Manage, under Apps & software.

Teachers can:

  • Manage and distribute apps they purchased.
  • View and manage apps on Manage, under Apps & software.


Teachers with the Basic purchaser role can't manage or view apps purchased by other teachers, or purchased by admins. Teachers can only work with the apps they purchased.

Distribute apps

To manage and distribute apps

To assign an app to a student

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Store for Education.
  2. Click Manage, and then choose Apps & software.
  3. Find an app, click the ellipses under Action, and then choose Assign to people.
  4. Type the email address, or name for the student that you're assigning the app to, and click Assign.

Employees will receive an email with a link that will install the app on their device. Click the link to start the Microsoft Store app, and then click Install. Also, in the Microsoft Store app, they can find the app under My Library.

Purchase more licenses

Applies to: IT admins and teachers

You can manage current app licenses, or purchase more licenses for apps in Apps & software.

To purchase additional app licenses

  1. Click Manage, click Apps & software, and then click an app.
  2. Click Buy more to purchase more licenses

You'll have a summary of current license availability.

Manage order history

Applies to: IT admins and teachers

You can manage your orders through Microsoft Store for Business. For info on order history and how to refund an order, see Manage app orders in Microsoft Store for Business.

It can take up to 24 hours after a purchase, before a receipt is available on your Order history page.