Security and governance in Microsoft Entra ID for customers

The integration of customer capabilities into Microsoft Entra ID means that your customer scenarios benefit from the advanced security and governance features available in Microsoft Entra ID. Your customers are able to self-service register for your applications using their preferred authentication methods, including social accounts through identity providers like Google and Facebook. And you can use features like multifactor authentication, Conditional Access, and Identity Protection to mitigate threats and detect risks.


In Conditional Access, MFA, and Identity Protection aren't available in free trial customer tenants.

Multifactor authentication

Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication helps safeguard access to data and applications while maintaining simplicity for your users. Microsoft Entra ID for customers integrates directly with Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication so you can add security to your sign-up and sign-in experiences by requiring a second form of authentication. You can fine-tune multifactor authentication depending on the extent of security you want to apply to your apps. Consider the following scenarios:

  • You offer a single app to customers and you want to enable multifactor authentication for an extra layer of security. You can enable MFA in a Conditional Access policy that's targeted to all users and your app.

  • You offer multiple apps to your customers, but you don't require multifactor authentication for every application. For example, the customer can sign into an auto insurance application with a social or local account, but must verify the phone number before accessing the home insurance application registered in the same directory. In your Conditional Access policy, you can target all users but just those apps for which you want to enforce MFA.

For details, see how to enable multifactor authentication.

Identity protection

Microsoft Entra Identity Protection provides ongoing risk detection for your customer tenant. It allows you to discover, investigate, and remediate identity-based risks. Identity Protection allows organizations to accomplish three key tasks:

  • Automate the detection and remediation of identity-based risks.

  • Investigate risks using data in the portal.

  • Export risk detection data to other tools.

Identity Protection comes with risk reports that can be used to investigate identity risks in customer tenants. For details, see Investigate risk with Identity Protection in Microsoft Entra ID for customers.

The Application user activity (Preview) feature under Usage & insights provides data analytics on user activity for registered applications in your tenant. You can use this feature to view, query, and analyze user requests and authentication trends. It can help you track changes, access patterns, and potential security breaches.

For details see application user activity dashboards.

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