Global Secure Access (preview) traffic forwarding profiles

With the traffic forwarding profiles in Global Secure Access (preview), you can apply policies to the network traffic that your organization needs to secure and manage. Network traffic is evaluated against the traffic forwarding policies you configure. The profiles are applied and the traffic goes through the service to the appropriate apps and resources.

This article describes the traffic forwarding profiles and how they work.

Traffic forwarding

Traffic forwarding enables you to configure the type of network traffic to tunnel through the Microsoft Entra Private Access and Microsoft Entra Internet Access services. You set up profiles to manage how specific types of traffic are managed.

When traffic comes through Global Secure Access, the service evaluates the type of traffic first through the Microsoft 365 profile and then through the Private access profile. Any traffic that doesn't match the first two profiles isn't forwarded to Global Secure Access.

For each traffic forwarding profile, you can configure three main details:

  • What traffic to forward to the service
  • What Conditional Access policies to apply
  • How your end-users connect to the service

Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 traffic forwarding profile includes SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Microsoft 365 apps. All of the destinations for these apps are automatically included in the profile. Within each of the three main groups of destinations, you can choose to forward that traffic to Global Secure Access or bypass the service.

Microsoft 365 traffic is forwarded to the service by either connecting through a remote network, such as branch office location, or through the Global Secure Access desktop client.

Private access

With the Private Access profile, you can route traffic to your private resources. This traffic forwarding profile requires configuring Quick Access, which includes the fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) and IP addresses of the private apps and resources you want to forward to the service.

Private access traffic can be forwarded to the service by connecting through the Global Secure Access desktop client.

Terms of Use

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