Regions that need to opt in for MFA telephony verification

As a protection for our customers, Microsoft doesn't automatically support telephony verification for certain region codes. If you want to receive traffic from phone numbers with these region codes, your administrator must submit a support ticket and request to opt in.

Why this protection is needed

In today's digital world, telecommunication services have become ingrained into our lives. But advancements come with a risk of fraudulent activities. International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) is a threat with severe financial implications that also makes using services more difficult. Let's look at IRSF fraud more in-depth.

IRSF is a type of telephony fraud where criminals exploit the billing system of telecommunication services providers to make profit for themselves. Bad actors gain unauthorized access to a telecommunication network and divert traffic to those networks to skim profit for every transaction that is sent to that network. To divert traffic, bad actors steal existing usernames and passwords, create new usernames and passwords, or try a host of other things to send text message messages and voice calls through their telecommunication network. Bad actors take advantage of multifactor authentication screens, which require a text message or voice call before a user can access their account. This activity causes exorbitant charges and makes services unreliable for our customers, causing downtime, and system errors.

Here's how an IRSF attack may happen:

  1. A bad actor first gets premium rate phone numbers and registers them.
  2. A bad actor uses automated scripts to request voice calls or text messages. The bad actor is colluding with number providers and the telecommunication network to drive more traffic to those services. The bad actor skims some of the profits of the increased traffic.
  3. A bad actor will hop around different region codes to continue to drive traffic and make it hard for them to get caught.

The most common way to conduct IRSF is through an end-user experience that requires a two-factor authentication code. Bad actors add those premium rate phone numbers and pump traffic to them by requesting two-factor authentication codes. This activity results in revenue-skimming, and can lead to billions of dollars in loss.

IRSF poses a significant threat to online businesses and can cause reputational damage. By understanding IRSF, you can be more aware of the problem and can engage in implementing preventive measures such as regional restrictions, rate limiting, and phone number verification.

SMS verification

For SMS verification, the following region codes require an opt-in.

Region Code Region Name
222 Mauritania
998 Uzbek

Voice verification

For voice verification, the following region codes require an opt-in.

Region Code Region Name
53 Cuba
58 Venezuela
93 Afghanistan
94 Sri Lanka
95 Myanmar (Burma)
98 Iran
211 South Sudan
212 Morocco
213 Algeria
216 Tunisia
218 Libya
220 Gambia
221 Senegal
222 Mauritania
223 Mali
224 Guinea
225 Cote d'Ivoire
226 Burkina Faso
227 Niger
228 Togo
229 Benin
231 Liberia
232 Sierra Leone
233 Ghana
235 Chad
236 Central African Republic
237 Cameroon
238 Cabo Verde
239 São Tomé and Príncipe
240 Equatorial Guinea
241 Gabon
242 Congo
243 Congo
244 Angola
245 Guinea-Bissau
246 British Indian Ocean Territory
247 Ascension Island
248 Seychelles
249 Sudan
250 Rwanda
251 Ethiopia
252 Somalia
253 Djibouti
254 Kenya
255 Tanzania
256 Uganda
257 Burundi
258 Mozambique
260 Zambia
261 Madagascar
262 Mayotte
263 Zimbabwe
265 Malawi
266 Lesotho
267 Botswana
268 Antigua and Barbuda
269 Comoros
290 Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha
291 Eritrea
297 Aruba
299 Greenland
350 Gibraltar
355 Albania
356 Malta
359 Bulgaria
370 Lithuania
371 Latvia
372 Estonia
373 Moldova
374 Armenia
375 Belarus
376 Andorra
377 Monaco
381 Serbia
382 Montenegro
383 Kosovo
385 Croatia
386 Slovenia
387 Bosnia and Herzegovina
389 North Macedonia
500 Falkland Islands
501 Belize
502 Guatemala
503 El Salvador
504 Honduras
505 Nicaragua
507 Panama
508 Saint Pierre and Miquelon
509 Haiti
591 Bolivia
592 Guyana
593 Ecuador
594 French Guiana
597 Suriname
598 Uruguay
670 Timor-Leste
672 Antarctica
674 Nauru
675 Papua New Guinea
676 Tonga
677 Solomon Islands
678 Vanuatu
681 Wallis and Futuna
682 Cook Islands
683 Niue
685 Samoa
686 Kiribati
687 New Caledonia
689 French Polynesia
690 Tokelau
691 Micronesia
692 Marshall Islands
856 Laos
960 Maldives
961 Lebanon
962 Jordan
963 Syria
964 Iraq
967 Yemen
968 Oman
973 Bahrain
974 Qatar
975 Bhutan
976 Mongolia
977 Nepal
992 Tajikistan
993 Turkmenistan
994 Azerbaijan
995 Georgia
996 Kyrgyzstan
998 Uzbekistan
1242 Bahamas
1264 Anguilla
1268 Antigua and Barbuda
1284 British Virgin Islands
1345 Cayman Islands
1473 Grenada
1649 Turks and Caicos Islands
1664 Montserrat
1721 Sint Maarten
1758 Saint Lucia
1809 Dominica
1829 Dominican Republic
1849 Dominican Republic
1869 Saint Kitts and Nevis
1876 Jamaica

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