Windows roaming settings reference

The following lists the settings that can roam or be backed up in Windows 10 or newer.

Windows Settings details

List of settings that can be configured to sync in recent Windows versions.

Settings Windows 10 (21H1 or newer)
Keyboard: turn on toggle keys (off by default) sync
Date, Time, and Region: country/region sync
Date, Time, and Region: region format (locale) sync
Language: language profile sync
Language: list of keyboards sync
Mouse: Primary Mouse Button sync
Passwords: Web Credentials sync
Pen: Pen Handedness sync
Touchpad: Scrolling Direction sync
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi profiles (only WPA) sync

Control over these settings can be found in Windows 10 under Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings or in Windows 11 under Settings > Accounts > Windows backup > Remember my preferences.

Browser settings

For more information on the Sync behavior for the new Microsoft Edge, see the article Microsoft Edge Sync.

Microsoft Edge browser setting group (favorites, reading list) syncing is managed through the Microsoft Edge browser Settings menu option.


Next steps

For an overview, see enterprise state roaming overview.