Microsoft Entra Connect cloud sync insights workbook

The cloud sync workbook provides a flexible canvas for data analysis. The workbook allows you to create rich visual reports within the Microsoft Entra admin center. To learn more, see Azure Monitor Workbooks overview.

This workbook is intended for Hybrid Identity Admins who use cloud sync to sync users from AD to Microsoft Entra ID. It allows admins to gain insights into sync status and details.

The workbook can be accessed by select Insights on the left hand side of the cloud sync page.

Screenshot of the cloud sync workbook.


The Insights node is available at both the all configurations level and the individual configuration level. To view information on individual configurations select the Job Id for the configuration.

This workbook:

  • Provides a synchronization summary of users and groups synchronized from AD to Microsoft Entra ID
  • Provides a detailed view of information captured by the cloud sync provisioning logs.
  • Allows you to customize the data to tailor it to your specific needs
Field Description
Date The range that you want to view data on.
Status View the provisioning status such as Success or Skipped.
Action View the provisioning actions taken such as Create or Delete.
Job Id Allows you to target specific Job Ids. This can be used to see individual configuration data if you have multiple configurations.
SyncType Filter by type of synchronization such as object or password.

Enabling provisioning logs

You should already be familiar with Azure monitoring and Log Analytics. If not, jump over to learn about them and then come back to learn about application provisioning logs. To learn more about Azure monitoring, see Azure Monitor overview. To learn more about Azure Monitor logs and Log Analytics, see Overview of log queries in Azure Monitor and Provisioning Logs for troubleshooting cloud sync.

Sync summary

The sync summary section provides a summary of your organizations synchronization activities. These activities include:

  • Sync actions per day by action
  • Sync actions per day by status
  • Unique sync count by status
  • Recent sync errors

Screenshot of the cloud sync summary.

Sync details

The sync details tab allows you to drill into the synchronization data and get more information. This information includes:

  • Objects sync by status
  • Sync log details

Screenshot of the cloud sync details.

You can further drill in to the sync log details for additional information.

Screenshot of the log details.

Job Id

A Job Id will be created for each configuration when it runs and is populated with data. You can look at individual configuration based on Job Id.

Custom queries

You can create custom queries and show the data on Azure dashboards. To learn how, see Create and share dashboards of Log Analytics data. Also, be sure to check out Overview of log queries in Azure Monitor.

Custom alerts

Azure Monitor lets you configure custom alerts so that you can get notified about key events related to Provisioning. For example, you might want to receive an alert on spikes in failures. Or perhaps spikes in disables or deletes. Another example of where you might want to be alerted is a lack of any provisioning, which indicates something is wrong.

To learn more about alerts, see Azure Monitor Log Alerts.

Next steps