Prerequisites to use PowerShell or Graph Explorer for Microsoft Entra roles

If you want to manage Microsoft Entra roles using PowerShell or Graph Explorer, you must have the required prerequisites. This article describes the PowerShell and Graph Explorer prerequisites for different Microsoft Entra role features.

Microsoft Graph PowerShell

To use PowerShell commands to do the following:

  • Add users, groups, or devices to an administrative unit
  • Create a new group in an administrative unit

You must have the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK installed:

Graph Explorer


Steps in this article might vary slightly based on the portal you start from.

To manage Microsoft Entra roles using the Microsoft Graph API and Graph Explorer, you must do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Entra admin center.

  2. Browse to Identity > Applications > Enterprise applications.

  3. In the applications list, find and select Graph explorer.

  4. Select Permissions.

  5. Select Grant admin consent for Graph explorer.

    Screenshot showing the "Grant admin consent for Graph explorer" link.

  6. Use Graph Explorer tool.

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