Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Every .NET Developer

with Cesar De la Torre

There's a lot of buzz around AI, ML and deep-learning across the industry, and for good reasons! But that's all for Data Scientists, right? Wrong! In this session you will learn how to extend your .NET and .NET Core applications with AI features. You will see the multiple ways you can implement AI features on .NET apps, starting from a the easiest implementations using Azure Cognitive Services to more custom and flexible scenarios based on the new Machine Learning .NET (ML.NET). Finally, you will see how you can use AI not just in ASP.NET Core web apps but also Bots using Bot Framework, language understanding, and edge/mobile offline scenarios. The demos of this session will be based on several ML.NET samples plus a new end-to-end app, currently being implemented by forking/extending eShopOnContainers (end-to-end cloud-native/microservices reference app) into a new derived sample app named eShopOnContainersAI which adds AI/ML features based on the latest Microsoft AI technologies available for .NET.

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