September 7th, 2023, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PT

Azure Developers - Python Day

Experience Cloud Computing in Full Force with Python on Azure.

What is Azure Developers - Python Day?

As a Python developer building for the cloud, do you want to stay ahead of the curve and maximize your potential? Join us to discover the latest services and features in Azure designed specifically for Python developers. You'll learn cutting-edge cloud development techniques that can save you time and money, while providing your customers with the best experience possible. During the event, you'll hear directly from the experts behind the most sought-after cloud services for developers, spanning app development/compute, data services, serverless computing, cloud-native computing, and developer productivity. Don't miss this chance to participate and engage with the team throughout the day. Join us and take your cloud development skills to the next level!

Looking for more Python content before the event?

Be sure to subscribe to the Azure Developers YouTube to stay up to date. You can also check out Azure for Python Developers documentation.


September 7th, 2023, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (PT) / 16:00 - 23:00 (UTC)

Session Title Theme Speaker Time (PT / UTC)
Welcome to Azure Developers - Python Day Dawn Wages, Hailey Huber, & Jayme Singleton 9:00 AM / 16:00
Now we’re cooking: Building a restaurant app with Azure Cosmos DB App Development Emmanuel Delétang 9:00 AM / 16:00
Host your gRPC workloads on App Service using Python and LangChain App Development Jeff Martinez, Byron Tardif 9:30 AM / 16:30
Speedrun your Python deployments with azd Developer Productivity Savannah Ostrowski 10:00 AM / 17:00
Simple, Fast, Idiomatic: An Intro to the Azure SDK for Python Developer Productivity Rohit Ganguly 10:30 AM / 17:30
Use Python in Excel to enhance your data science Developer Productivity Sarah Kaiser 11:00 AM / 18:00
Use ALL your data with Microsoft Fabric Data Services Sarah Kaiser 11:30 AM / 18:30
BREAK 12:00 PM / 19:00
Building intelligent Python apps and microservices with Azure Container Apps Serverless Anthony Chu, Pamela Fox 1:00 PM / 20:00
Building geo-distributed API with Azure Functions - developing, testing, deploying Serverless Anton Boyko 1:30 PM / 20:30
Let's code a drone using Azure OpenAI Services AI Bruno Capuano 2:00 PM / 21:00
How to build a practical AI app with Python, Redis, and OpenAI AI Kyle Teegarden 2:30 PM / 21:30
Create your first copilot solutions AI Kinfey Lo 3:00 PM / 22:00
Vector Search with Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Cognitive Search, and Azure OpenAI AI Chris Joakim 3:30 PM / 22:30

Our Speakers

  • Hailey Huber

    Program Manager, Azure Developer Experiences

    Follow Hailey Huber
  • Jayme Singleton

    Program Manager, Developer Community

    Follow Jayme Singleton
  • Dawn Wages

    Program Manager, Developer Community

    Follow Dawn Wages
  • Byron Tardif

    Product Manager, Azure App Service

    Follow Byron Tardif
  • Savannah Ostrowski

    Program Manager, Azure Developer CLI (azd)

    Follow Savannah Ostrowski
  • Anthony Chu

    Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

    Follow Anthony Chu
  • Kinfey Lo

    Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

    Follow Kinfey Lo
  • Emmanuel Delétang

    Global Black Belt NoSQL EMEA, Microsoft

    Follow Emmanuel Delétang
  • Jeff Martinez

    Product Manager, Microsoft

    Follow Jeff Martinez
  • Rohit Ganguly

    Product Manager II, Azure SDK, Microsoft

    Follow Rohit Ganguly
  • Sarah Kaiser

    Senior Cloud Advocate for Python, Microsoft

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  • Pamela Fox

    Principal Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

    Follow Pamela Fox
  • Anton Boyko

    CIO at Perfection.DEV | Microsoft Azure MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

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  • Bruno Capuano

    AppDev Team Lead Advocate, Microsoft

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  • Kyle Teegarden

    Senior Product Mananger, Azure Cache for Redis, Microsoft

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  • Chris Joakim

    Azure Cosmos DB Global Black Belt, Microsoft

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about Azure services for Python? I want to get started today!

Check out the Azure for Python developers documentation for a wide assortment of quickstarts, training, tutorials, and more. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Azure Developers YouTube channel to stay up to date with the latest in Azure for developers.

Is there a cost to attend the event?

The event is free! You can join Learn Events anytime to stream content for free!

When does the event take place?

We will be streaming this live virtual event September 7th, 2023 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PT on YouTube

Where does the event take place?

This event is virtual! Join us and thousands of others to enjoy the experience from the comfort of your own home, office, or device.

Will this event be available on-demand?

Yes! You can stream our past events anytime! Visit Browse Events to stream anytime.

Code of Conduct

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