Cute C++ Tricks, Part 2 of N: More code you should learn from and never write

Last year at Meeting C++, I gave a talk about "cute" snippets of counterintuitive C++ code that I've been posting to Twitter. I submitted an outline for that talk with about a dozen different tricks I wanted to talk about, but in the end I only had time to talk about less than half that many. In this talk, I will continue with my exploration of the dark and weird corners of C++ that, unfortunately, come up more often than we'd like. The reality of programming in C++ is that any intermediate or advanced programmer will have to understand many of these corner cases (in real code!) at some point in their career, and my goal in this talk is to continue to present these corners of the language in pithy, memorable, "cute" snippets. Along the way, hopefully we can all have a bit of fun laughing at the weird and wacky things you can do while programming in a language with 40 years of backwards compatibility.