ParentFolderId (TargetFolderIdType)

The ParentFolderId element identifies the folder in which a new folder is created or the folder to search for the FindConversation operation.



Attributes and elements

The ParentFolderId element contains two child elements. The child elements are mutually exclusive in the schema.



Child elements

Element Description
Contains the required identifier and the optional change key of a folder in which a new folder is created or the folder that is searched for the FindConversation operation. Using this element excludes the use of the DistinguishedFolderId element.
Identifies default Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 folders. Using this element excludes the use of the FolderId element.

Parent elements

Element Description
Defines a request to create a folder in the Exchange database.
The following is the XPath expression to this element: /CreateFolder
Defines a request to find conversations in a mailbox.

Text value



The two child elements are used to define the folder that will contain the new folder. You must select either the FolderId or the DistinguishedFolderId element to identify the parent folder of the new folder. You cannot use both elements at the same time. This element is required to create folders.

The ParentFolderId element describes the location of existing items and folders.

The schema that describes this element is located in the IIS virtual directory that hosts Exchange Web Services.

Element information

Name Value
Schema Name
Message schema
Validation File
Can be Empty

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