Mail flow reports in the new Exchange admin center in Exchange Online

Administrators can use mail flow reports in the new Exchange admin center (new EAC) to establish baselines and discover trends to fix issues related to mail flow in their organization.


Mail flow reports are currently not available in the GCC High or DoD environments.

The following mail flow reports are available:

Permissions required to view mail flow reports

To view and use mail flow reports, you need to be a member of one of the following role groups in Exchange Online:

  • Compliance Administrator
  • Exchange Administrator
  • Organization Management
  • Security Administrator<sup>*
  • Security Reader*
  • View-Only Recipients

For more information, see Permissions in Exchange Online and Manage role groups in Exchange Online.

<sup>* You manage these role groups in the Microsoft Entra admin center (

Where to find mail flow reports

Open the new EAC at, expand Reports, and then select Mail flow.

To go directly to the mail flow reports, open