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MyPersonalInformation role

Applies to: Exchange Server 2013

The MyPersonalInformation management role enables individual users to view and modify their website, address, and home telephone number. This is a custom role created from the MyContactInformation role parent role.

This role is a specific type of role called a custom role. A custom role is one that's created, or derived, from a parent role. It contains a subset of management role entries that exist on the parent role. This role is provided to enable you to control, with a greater level of granularity, the information you allow end users to modify on their own mailboxes. Unlike other built-in roles, custom roles, including this one, can be deleted. If you won't use this role, it can be deleted.

For more information about built-in and custom management roles and management role entries, see Understanding management roles.

For more information about management roles, management role groups, and other RBAC components, see Understanding Role Based Access Control.

Default management role assignments

This role doesn't have any default role assignments. It's provided in case you want control, at a more granular level, of what end-user information you allow your users to modify. For more information about assigning this role to a role assignment policy, see the "Adding or Removing Role Assignments" section.