(Encrypted connection to your mail server is not available) error when Microsoft 365 F plan users try to set up an Outlook profile for Exchange Online in Microsoft 365

Original KB number: 2826047


A Microsoft 365 F plan user tries to set up a mail account for Exchange Online in Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Microsoft Outlook 2013. However, the user's Outlook profile isn't automatically set up. Instead, the user gets the following error message under Searching for your mail server setting in Outlook:

An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available.

Click Next to attempt using an unencrypted connection.

This error message is displayed even though the user entered the email address and password correctly on the Auto Account Setup page of the Add New Account Wizard in Outlook.


This behavior occurs if the user is trying to connect Outlook to Exchange Online by using Exchange Autodiscover. Microsoft 365 F plans don't support using Outlook to access mail in Exchange Online through an Exchange connection.


To work around this behavior, use one of the following options:

More Information

For more information about Microsoft 365 F plans, see Microsoft 365 F1.

If Microsoft 365 users who aren't F plan users get this error message, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

2404385 Outlook can't set up a new profile by using Exchange Autodiscover for an Exchange Online mailbox in Microsoft 365

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