What is Microsoft Fabric admin?

Microsoft Fabric admin is the management of the organization-wide settings that control how Microsoft Fabric works. Users that are assigned to admin roles configure, monitor, and provision organizational resources. This article provides an overview of admin roles, tasks, and tools to help you get started.

There are several roles that work together to administer Microsoft Fabric for your organization. Most admin roles are assigned in the Microsoft 365 admin portal or by using PowerShell. The capacity admin roles are assigned when the capacity is created. To learn more about each of the admin roles, see About admin roles. To learn how to assign admin roles, see Assign admin roles.

Microsoft 365 admin roles

This section lists the Microsoft 365 admin roles and the tasks they can perform.

  • Global administrator

    • Unlimited access to all management features for the organization
    • Assign roles to other users
  • Billing administrator

    • Manage subscriptions
    • Purchase licenses
  • License administrator

    • Assign or remove licenses for users
  • User administrator

    • Create and manage users and groups
    • Reset user passwords

Power Platform and Fabric admin roles

As a Power Platform or a Fabric admin, you have full access to all the Microsoft Fabric management tasks.

  • Power Platform administrator or Fabric administrator
    • Enable and disable Microsoft Fabric features
    • Report on usage and performance
    • Review and manage auditing

Capacity admin roles

As a capacity admin, you can perform these tasks on the capacity you're an admin of.

  • Capacity administrator
    • Assign workspaces to the capacity
    • Manage user permission to the capacity
    • Manage workloads to configure memory usage

Admin tasks and tools

Microsoft Fabric admins work mostly in the Microsoft Fabric admin portal, but you should still be familiar with related admin tools. To find out which role is required to perform the tasks listed here, cross reference them with the admin roles listed in Admin roles related to Microsoft Fabric.