Create a KQL queryset

In this article, you learn how to create a new KQL queryset. The KQL Queryset is the item used to run queries, view, and customize query results on data from a KQL database.


Create a KQL queryset

The KQL Queryset exists within the context of a workspace. A new KQL queryset is always associated with the workspace you're using when you create it.

  1. Browse to the desired workspace.

  2. Select +New > KQL Queryset.

    Screenshot of adding a new KQL queryset from workspace homepage.

  3. Enter a unique name. You can use alphanumeric characters, underscores, periods, and hyphens. Special characters aren't supported.

    Screenshot of adding name to queryset.


    You can create multiple KQL Querysets in a single workspace.

  4. Select Create.

  5. In the OneLake data hub window that appears, select a KQL database to connect to your KQL queryset.

  6. Select Select.

Screenshot of the OneLake data hub window showing a list of KQL databases.

Open an existing KQL queryset

  1. To access an existing KQL queryset, browse to your workspace.

  2. Optionally, you can reduce the number of items displayed by filtering on the item type. Select Filter>KQL Queryset

    Screenshot of filtering types of items in workspace.

  3. Select the KQL queryset from the list of items that appear in the workspace.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Fabric workspace showing KQL Querysets.

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