Create a table update policy

When you trigger an update policy with a command that adds data to a source table, data also appends to a target table. The target table can have a different schema, retention policy, and other policies from the source table. For example, a high-rate trace source table can contain data formatted as a free-text column. The target table can include specific trace lines, with a well-structured schema generated from a transformation of the source table's free-text data using the parse operator.

For more information, see update policy.

This article describes how to create an update policy on a table in Real-Time Intelligence using the .alter table update policy command.


Table update policy

  1. Browse to the main page of your KQL database.

  2. Select New > Table update policy.

    Screenshot of the KQL Database home tab showing the dropdown menu for creating new entities. The dropdown option for creating a table update policy in Real-Time Intelligence is highlighted.

    The .alter update policy command is automatically populated in the Explore your data window.

    Screenshot of the Update table policy command in the Explore your data window in Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric.

  3. Enter the parameters of your table update policy, and then select Run. For more information on these parameters, see .alter table update policy.