What's new and planned for Microsoft Fabric UI and shared experiences


The release plans describe functionality that may or may not have been released yet. The delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship. For more information, see Microsoft policy.

Fabric shell/UI provides the shared experiences that are familiar and easy to use across all the Fabric tools. In the Fabric Shell, you're able to quickly get started to build your projects, easily discover and navigate to your frequently used places in the UI, and collaborate with your colleagues in the shared workspaces. You can also monitor your jobs in a timely manner and also enjoy a consistent experience when using all Fabric tools.

Feature Estimated release timeline
Folders in workspaces Q1 2024
Show parent-child items relationship in Workspaces Q4 2023
Persistent filters in workspaces Q1 2024
Customizable left navigation bar Q1 2024

Shell improvements

Folders in workspaces

Estimated release timeline: Preview in Q1 2024

Introducing folders in the workspace allows you to better organize and find items. The preview of this feature provides the organizational capabilities of folders. Subsequent updates address folder-related permission management scenarios.

Parent-child items in workspaces

Estimated release timeline: Q4 2023

Some Fabric items have children items such as Lakehouse, Data Warehouse, etc. This feature enables you to easily view the parent-child items relationship in workspace UI and also makes the items list cleaner.

Persistent filters in workspaces

Estimated release timeline: Q1 2024

Currently, the workspace filters aren't persistent. You must reapply filters each time upon returning to the workspace. We heard your feedback and plan to enable persistent filters for improved navigation.

Customizable left navigation bar

Estimated release timeline: Q1 2024

We learned from you that the frequently used capabilities vary for everyone based on their roles and job to be done during a certain period time. To better improve productivity, we plan to make the left navigation bar customizable. You can pin or unpin an entry point on the left navigation bar according to your own preferences.