Web components overview

This section provides a live catalog of components to help you understand the full set of Fluent UI Web Components and their features.

The @fluentui/web-components library are web components built on top of Microsoft's web component and design system foundation, FAST. The Fluent UI Web Components are built using FAST's @microsoft/fast-foundation and @microsoft/fast-element libraries in a way expresses Microsoft's Fluent design language. The FAST libraries are referred to frequently in the code.

You can check out the code for the components in the GitHub repo for Web Components, part of the Fluent UI monorepo

Open source communities

The Fluent UI Web Components and its underlying frameworks (fast-foundation, fast-element) are open source projects with communities which you can join for help, issues, contributing code, or asking questions.

The Fluent UI Web Components is part of the whole Fluent UI web community. You can submit requests and issues on GitHub

Join our FAST Discord for more engagement -- there's a Fluent UI section where you can join the discussion.

More on the FAST community project

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