Title-managed Achievements overview

This topic describes title-managed Achievements and its features. Rewards include gamerscore, digital artwork, new maps, characters, and stat boosts.

In 2005, Xbox Live introduced the gaming industry to the concept of an achievement. It's a system-wide mechanism for directing and rewarding players' in-game actions consistently across all games.

Title-managed Achievements empower you to run a title as a service by adding value and maintaining player engagement over time. Title-managed Achievements also provides flexibility of how achievements are unlocked, how and when achievements are added, and the benefits that achievements can deliver to players.

The Achievements service engages players across a broad range of activities, devices, and scenarios. Achievements are inclusive, social, and engaging.

Developers can create achievements that reward players with gamerscore and in-game rewards.

Achievements give service-like flexibility to titles.

Feature summary

The following table shows the key features and components that contribute to the Achievements service.

Feature Description
Persistent Achievements (achievements) This type of achievement exists for the lifetime of the title. Players can unlock them at any time. A persistent achievement's required activity must always be available for players to complete, and its reward must always be earnable.
Achievement Progression Players can now see how far along they are toward unlocking an achievement, even from the dashboard, giving them more reasons to play your title.
Unlock Tangible Rewards In addition to gamerscore, which is a critical part of the Xbox and Xbox services gaming experience, players can unlock special game-related rewards. They include digital artwork, new maps, unlockable characters, and temporary stat boosts via the Xbox services Achievement service.
Achievement Activity Feed Players can easily discover which achievements are recently popular among their friends and which rewards are being earned.
One Gamerscore Any gamerscore that a players earns on legacy platforms or modern platforms counts toward a single gamerscore.