Getting started with Xbox services

This topic guides you through the initial process of using Xbox services.

This process involves setting up the title to use Xbox services during development and enabling your players to sign in to the Xbox network (also known as Xbox Live). It's important to use the information in this topic in the order that it's shown.

Xbox services overview
Describes Xbox services as a collection of micro-services that expose features such as profile, friends and presence, stats, leaderboards, achievements, multiplayer, and matchmaking. Use Xbox services to add the Xbox network to your title.

Setting up an app or game at Partner Center, for Managed Partners
Describes how to create a new app or game in Partner Center as a Managed Partner, enable players to sign in to the Xbox network, and publish the game to a development sandbox.

Creating test accounts in Partner Center
Describes how to create Xbox network test accounts in Partner Center.

Getting started with Xbox Services APIs
Describes how to initialize Gaming Runtime Services (GRTS), create XTaskQueue, set up HttpClient trace, initialize Xbox Services API (XSAPI), and clean up XSAPI.

Backward compatibility with XDK XSAPI
Describes how to enable backward compatibility with XDK XSAPI.

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