This section describes the packaging features of the Microsoft Game Development Kit (GDK).

In this section

Overview of packaging
Provides an overview of packaging.

Getting Started Packaging for Xbox Consoles
Describes getting started with packaging for Xbox consoles.

Getting started with packaging for PC
Describes getting started with packaging for PC.

Streaming Installation and Intelligent Delivery: an overview
Provides an overview of the Streaming Installation and Intelligent Delivery features, including how title data is organized into chunks to facilitate fast and flexible installation.

Common packaging tasks and workflow overview
Describes how to create packages for streaming installation for local iteration, performance validation, pre-submission testing, and final submission. It also describes the steps run by the MakePkg tool during the packaging process.

Intelligent Delivery features
Describes how to use Intelligent Delivery to install only a subset of content.

Tools for Streaming Installation
This section presents the tools and schemas that are related to the streaming installation of titles.

Automating package uploading
Describes how to automate uploading of packages to Partner Center.

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